1959born in Stuttgart/Germany
1982 – 88Studied painting, art education, art therapy, University of Applied Sciences Ottersberg, graduated with a diploma.
Since 1988working as a freelance artist in Bielefeld
Since 1999Studio: Gadderbaumer Straße 3, 33602 Bielefeld
1999Members of the BBK-OWL (Bundersverband Bildender KünstlerInnen)
1999Members of the offenen Ateliers/Bielefeld
2001Members of fkf/OWL The Association for Art- and Culture-Interested Women
Since  2002Participation and implementation of different school projects with different institutions and institutions, e.g. culture  and School NRW
2004Appearance and exhibition mediation via the Internet Gallery ” Littel van Gogh” Bad Honeff

Since 1999 participation in solo and group exhibitions